I'm Mayor Allen and I want to thank you for stopping by my page. I just got off the campaign trail running for Mayor of Washington DC on the democratic ticket. Even though we did not win, we won the hearts of the people. I'm very excited to share my songs with you, which I spent many days writing and putting together. I hope you enjoy!

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If you think of celebrities - you may think of flashy cars, houses and clothes. We rarely see what they do behind the scenes, to help others. I and Douglas Crocker  met Red Grant , who has a organization called “Don’t Shoot Guns - Shoot Cameras”! It’s a non-profit that teaches videography as a tool for social change and empowerment. He teaches young people how to fight oppression by finding a voice thru a camera lens, rather than turning to violence. I take my hat off to Red Grant, for putting together an amazing concept to help others. As Mayor, I will focus on providing young people powerful tools, for communicating issues and challenges that they face everyday!


While Douglas Crocker was back stage talking with Katt Williams. I saw Jamie Foster Brown (Editor of Sister to Sister Magazine) talking with another lady in a wheel chair and the lady was crying while Mrs. Brown was talking with her. Come to find out, Mrs. Brown met the lady in the hall way, prior to the show and the lady was telling her how much of a fan she was of Katt Williams and she had many other medical complications. Mrs. Brown made sure she was able to come back stage, meet Katt Williams and the compassion she had for this young lady, sent chills to my heart to witness how small gestures can bring out the humanity in all of us!


As I was sitting with comedy King Katt Williams and talking with a person who just sold out Constitution Hall 3 days in a row, I was so blessed to be in the presence of one of the most down to earth and compassionate people I've ever met. If you did not know, Katt Williams is on a mission to touch everyone's heart with his comedy, to help one another. As Mayor, I will work and help people to realize their dreams, to be what ever they wish to be!


I'm running to be the next Mayor of Washington DC because I'm looking from the outside looking in and I see disturbing issues that's been effecting our city for many years and our current leaders are not doing enough to change it. For instance --high unemployment, homelessness, gentrification and 50% of our children not graduating High School! As Mayor, I will change all this by getting to the root of the problems and then provide solutions with compassion. I'm not a scholar with excellent verbal skills, I'm not a lawyer with great debating skills and I'm not a politician with 8 and 20 years experience. I'm just like YOU who want to help YOU!!! Please donate and help my campaign transform the Nations Capital!


Empowerment allows people to define issues and decide settlement terms for each other and help better understand one another's perspective. When we empower people and their communities they have the opportunities to recognize and utilize the growth potential for their success. As Mayor, I will present the strategies for empowering people in 3 ways: Education, Organization, and Networking. This will breed success and empower people!


The key to any type of success is winning and building relationships with people. In order to succeed in life, you will need help from others. That's why I started an organization called H.U.S.H (Help Us Support Humanity) and that organization was there to make sure that we placed the up and coming elite individuals and we placed them in the same place with the elites because over the years I've learned, wealthy folks do not want to be around poor folks. So I devised a plan to have everyone come to my home in black tie and gowns to party for a charitable cause. When everyone came together and started having a good time, no one knew who had what and they started liking one another. The key is - It's not who you know it's who knows YOU and people do business with people they know, like and trust. As Mayor, I will make sure I build relationships with all Washingtonians and also make sure we educate folks to understand the process , because relationship building matters!


Reflection is an integral part of the learning process. It allows us to study more about ourselves and how we learn! It also allows us to understand what is going on around us in the world. As we were on the campaign bus discussing a past event, my friend Douglas Crocker, Robert Lewis and Kevin M. Hughes reminded me of how the DC's Prison Industrial Complex is harming our communities. DC has one of the highest arrest rates in the western hemisphere on marijuana use and incarcerates 8 times more Blacks than Whites. As Mayor, I will decriminalize marijuana use and focus on making sure we are educating citizens on the dangers of taking any perilous substances ranging from alcohol, marijuana and more.


I was born in a country called Panama and I almost didn’t have a chance to meet my father because he was serving in the US Army, fighting for our country in Vietnam. He was hit by a grenade and he almost lost his life. By the grace of God, he was able to make it and I was able to have my father by my side. When my father recovered we were brought to America but I could not speak English, I was then considered slow by my teachers. From there on, my parents only spoke English to me and I lost my Spanish which has become a shame for me, not having the ability to speak my original language fluently! I say this because we all have to remember that colonial America—folks came from England, France, Germany, and other countries for better education, economic opportunity and political freedom. As Mayor, I will make sure we welcome all immigrants and provide opportunity for those who are so important to our future, as well as improve school programs for students who don’t speak English!


When I was 13, I wanted money to purchase new sneakers and my parents said No! So I made a plan to start my own business. I contacted a newspaper company, offered to purchase their newspapers at a discount for 10 cents and they agreed. At that time newspapers were selling for 25 cents. I decided to sell my newspapers for 20 cents and I made a profit. I then hired 20 other kids to work with me and I paid them 5 cents for every paper they sold, I duplicated my self 20 times. With the cost of tuition going up for College as if you're purchasing a new home or your teenagers wanting the latest expensive sneakers. This would be a great opportunity to involve your children in a business to help pay for the cost of college, as well as teach entrepreneurship and responsibility. In my practice over the years, I have helped individuals start businesses with their children. I believe, instead of giving away fish, we teach people how to fish and they will feed for ever. As Mayor, I will implement this powerful concept in helping our children pay for their own college, rather than their parents paying for it themselves!


It’s a common practice to place families in hotel rooms if shelters aren’t available, excellent. But families should not be sent out-of-state, to Maryland hotels because space in the District has been “supposedly” exhausted. This past week the Washington Post reported DC Government officials (DC Council & Mayor) have been shipping Washington homeless citizens to Maryland hotels, which is unprecedented. Statistically, the District has over 1200 new individuals moving into the city monthly. Is this one of DC’s tactical maneuvers to displace Washingtonians out of the city? It’s paramount to understand that making a minimum wage in the District doesn’t afford you the means to live in the District. For example, the average rent in the DC is $1500. If you’re making $8.25 an hour and working 40 hours weekly, by the end of the month you’ve grossed $ 1,320. Based on this very realistic and common scenario how would you be able to pay rent? As Mayor, I will keep families in their homes by providing emergency rent supplements, short-term housing assistance and I’ll work to educate citizens so they can acquire living wages working in Washington, DC!

Gentrification - the buying and renovation of houses and stores in deteriorated urban neighborhoods by upper- or middle-income families or individuals, thus improving property values but often displacing low-income families and small businesses


Measuring the number of affordable housing units first requires a definition of affordability. A unit is considered affordable if a person spends under 30 percent of their income on a unit. The problem is too many middle income households can't afford the market rent, let alone a person making minimum wage. If you look at the minimum wage which has stayed the same for many years, it does not go in line with the cost of living. For example in 2000 gas was about a $1.20 a gallon and now gas is about $3.20 a gallon and the minimum wage is still the same. As Mayor I will provide education needed for people to retain better jobs but also provide subsidies for non-housing necessities. This can make sense in dealing with the housing crisis if housing costs prevent those households from buying other basic necessities. Concerns about affordability would assumedly disappear if households could spend 30 percent of their income on housing and still acquire all necessities they need.


The main causes of youth homelessness are 1) a breakdown in family relationships and 2) inadequate interventions from systems that are charged with protecting, nurturing, and supervising yo uth when their families cannot. As Mayor I will increase positive parenting skills, as well as connecting youth and their families to community counseling resources, which will help parents and caregivers manage issues that have the potential to unravel families. On their own, youth typically are disconnected from positive communities and social networks. I will provide resources needed for youth to have easy access to education, employment, and health care that will help change their lives.

Education to Employment Training Legislation

With many jobs available in Washington DC, the unemployment rate can be as high as 20% in some wards. Yet despite this availability of labor, employers are dissatisfied with applicants’ skills: One reason is the failure of govt. to promote employer incentive participation. As Mayor, I will promote and provide bigger tax incentives and credits for employers to hire and train youths and adults. Under this legislation, thousands of people will receive work readiness, occupational training to build a foundation for future success. This will work by businesses being offered wage subsidy in the form of tax credits to immediately put resident youth and adults to work for 6 months. An additional tax credit will be available to employers who retain the participating individuals. This will be essential, in keeping youths, adults off the streets, motivated and trained for success. (I need your support today to win on April 1 2014)

Providing Jobs for All Washingtonians

The battle against poverty starts with our city, Washington DC and once we start – others will follow, building a world free of poverty. As Mayor I will focus on building competitiveness, not only in th e already-successful middle class but pulling up the low income class and educate them to get a better living wage career or educate them to start a small business. We have a certain role in driving job creation, and achieving that goal effectively will require us to capitalize on the dynamism of the small business owners. They will then, hire local residents and continue the goal to build a new tax base and lower the welfare base. (I need your support today to win on April 1 2014)

Women Equality Is A Most

I'm a man who loves his mother and thinks she is the most incredible woman in the world. I'm also a fervent advocate for women's equality. As a progressive, I believe the measure of our society is the fairness with which every person is treated, regardless of sex, gender or sexual orientation. As Mayor, I'm committed to remaining a firm and persistent advocate and practical supporter of gender equality. To me, gender equality is central to economic and human development and to supporting women's rights. I believe equal opportunity for women and men supports economic growth and helps to reduce poverty.

School Career Readiness

Do you know Washington DC high school students have a 50% drop out rate? Based on this statistic there's an obvious need for immediate and radical change. The ancient practices are clearly not working and a school system transformation is essential to improving education for our children, starting with the 7th grade. By providing hands-on learning experiences of combined career and academic instruction, we can personalize and align teaching with student interests. Greater choices to our students will help them identify interests, promote increased attendance because learning is fun and create appetites for finishing school and progressing on to college. A student for example, may select a specific career path before college, like Business, Education, Law, Leadership, Environmental Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Art, Communications, Design or other. These types of “Career Path” learning curriculum will ensure students gain essential knowledge, skills and experience early on.

Citizen Safety

As we sit in our warm homes and offices, we have lots of conversations about the blistering cold and arctic weather. We complain about having to walk to our cars, run errands and go to work in these frosty conditions. But truthfully, we have nothing to grumble about. It is in these most harsh conditions that I cannot help but think of those who don't have warm shelter, cozy blankets or warm food and beverages. Individuals like our elderly who are on fixed incomes and whose incomes and benefits are getting leaner and leaner every year while living costs are steadily increasing. Do you know there are over 6 thousand homeless people in Washington DC alone?
We do not know how or why some of these folks have landed in this position nor do we know if they have been offered help. We don't know if they are suffering from some type of illness or addiction but we do know they are children of God.
What are some things we can do to assist these souls battling frigid temperatures, some of them completely on their own? As I battle to diminish these issues, I will need your support.

Being Mayor

The Mayor, I believe, is a public servant and city manager whose responsibilities include insuring that resident needs are met in all city quadrants(SE, NE, SW & NW). Most recently, one of my mayoral opponents announced she will position a Deputy Mayor to manage the east side of the river (SE) and if she won, her focus would continue on the affluent Northwest sector of the city. On the surface this may appear as a solution, however it's basically "business as usual" and the" modi operandi" of past mayors and council members. Historically DC's public officials have neglected Southeast resident (Wards 7 and 8) problems and obstacles. In fact during elections, Southeast is the very first location harvested to gather votes and quickly forgotten after officials are positioned and seated. Did you know Ward 7 & 8 housing and employment needs surpass those of the other sectors? Do you think assigning this responsibility to a Deputy Mayor is a good idea or should the Mayor be directly engaged in resolving these problems, that have been around for 30+ years? When I am Mayor, I'll need your help to stop this madness!

Who Will Break From The Pack

I was just sent another article from the Washington Post with the same pic, and as I reflect on the title, I see we need to do 2 things to break from the pack: 1) Capture the imagination of the people, 2) Show that in a Mayor Allen administ ration our constituents will amass excitement in seeing a new vision and leadership for their future! I will be needing your help to make this happen, so Please Share with your family and friends!!!

Dr. Martin Luther King Day

In 1963, King delivered the immortal speech “I have a Dream” in front of the Lincoln Memorial during the March on Washington DC. King later led protests and gave speeches for the African American right to vote. In 1964, King's hopes were realized when congress passed the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Did you know that many young teens were instrumental in helping Dr. King make his dream come true? I Carlos Allen also have a Dream, of being the next mayor of Washington DC and helping people obtain the economic freedom they all deserve! Help me to make that possible!

A Raise Is Necessary For First Responders

I personally feel that a Happy Police force and Fire Department is essential to the well-being of our city. Anything to give our police and firefighters incentive to stay in their career fields is a good idea. Not having a raise in 6 years is not helping. I believe, Step-raises based on rank and years of service have worked in the military and could work for the two of the city's most important employees. The city council and unions should make sure our folks are getting what they deserve, they risk their lives everyday for us! What do you think?

Children Are The Future

We all know children are the future and getting a good education is essential factor for their lives. Did you know that DC public schools have an annual budget of about 1.3 Billion dollars and the schools are still considered deplorable! Where do you think all this money is going, when we've had such low test scores every year?

Excited For The Opportunity

As I make my way thru this political process, Your thoughts and opinions are very important to me. Did you know in the last 2 years, 3 DC elected officials have been charged and convicted of crimes. What are some steps you would take, to stop political corruption? I want to hear from you email me at!

On The Ballot!

I'm ecstatic to say, It's been Approved Today that I'm now Declaring to be an Official Candidate For Mayor of Washington DC's 2014 primary election! Initially, I received a preliminary letter - Today it's official. I will be needing your support to win this election in this incredible city, that we plan to allow all people to prosper and not just a few!!!! So I'm looking for volunteers to help us in this cause to bring a change and new blood to make our communities better. I will also say this "IF YOU BELIEVE -THEN YOU CAN ALWAYS ACHIEVE, ANYTHING IN LIFE"! Thank you!! P.S. if your interested in volunteering your time, please contact us at! We will really need your HELP!